This week’s dinner menu

By the way, the tilapia nuggets (sans dipping sauce) were a big hit with all of us last weekend!  I found a 1 1/2 lb. bag of frozen tilapia on sale at Publix and were able to spread the meal over two nights with the help of other leftovers on the second night (since we know a sale on fish still makes for an expensive home-cooked meal!).

The southwestern mac & cheese was great too! I used the whole can of chili peppers and it was perfect.  The salsa in the dish put me in the  mood for, well, salsa, so I’ve been adding heaping tablespoons to our eggs each morning as a result.  I’ve been in a bit of a basil-oregano rut with my eggs, so the salsa is a welcome change (I don’t like salsa added at the end–the coldness mixed with hot eggs weirds me out).   The boys did not touch the mac & cheese, but not because it was southwestern.  They just won’t eat mac & cheese.  I’ve tried many different recipes, including. . wait for it. . the blue box variety, and they just don’t seem to care for it.  They’re not huge pasta fans in general (yet).

Here’s this week’s menu, a couple of days late:

Sunday: One pot mac & cheese with a southwestern twist (my friend Anne’s recipe)  (We had this a day late because my friend Lacy generously brought us dinner the previous Monday!),  edamame, spinach and red bell pepper salad (the boys ate edamame and more than a whole bell pepper, and that’s it–so weird!).

Monday:  Grilled burgers, leftover mac & cheese, frozen peas

Tuesday: Meatloaf, rosemary potato cakes, frozen beans

Wednesday: Leftover / eat from the freezer night (I saw some red beans & rice and a pasta dish lurking in there this morning).

Thursday: Chicken enchiladas (doubled, and using this recipe for enchilada sauce), Mexican rice (anyone have a good recipe?), frozen peas

Friday: Leftovers (I am starting to like this doubling-recipes thing so I don’t have to cook the next night!)

Saturday: Spaghetti and meatballs, roasted broccoli or salad

Meatloaf is in the fridge and I’m off to clean the kitchen oh so quietly (boys napping! beware!).


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