This week’s dinner menu

By the way, I switched recipes at the last sec on Saturday to this one for my chicken pot pie and it was the best I’ve made yet.  I omitted corn and peas and used lima beans instead.  I really like using phyllo dough because traditional pie crusts and I don’t get along.

I had a lot of trouble coming up with this week’s plan, even using my excel spreadsheet recipe index (have I mentioned this in the past? for another post if not).  We have been trying to clean out our freezers so that we can defrost the big one in order to give it a good clean, so I’m not working with much of a stockpile.  Which means tomorrow’s Publix run will be an expensive one.  :(

Sunday: homemade pizza (we love this dough) in order to use up the leftover pesto, pasta sauce, yellow bell peppers, and diced ham from Easter in the freezer

Monday:  Beef and potato pie, salad

Tuesday: Italian Minestroni (to use up the other 1/2 lb. of ground beef from Monday’s meal)

Wednesday:  Chicken with rice and beans, fresh corn

Thursday:  leftover night (eat from the fridge and freezer)

Friday:  Tilapia nuggets, roasted squash/zucchini/onions, rice

Saturday: One pot mac & cheese with a southwestern twist (my friend Anne’s recipe)

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